Echo Pictures Pictures is a newly formed production company specializing in feature-length and short films, music videos and commercials.
We’ll also write your essays for $50.




Matt Johnson was the first son in a family of thespians, and though his true passion was for the law, he was coerced by his parents into becoming a writer/director/actor. After the great success of his web series Nirvana the Band the Show, he decided it was time to give back. His most recent work seeks to illuminate social issues, such as bullying in schools (The Dirties, 2011) and racism in the south (Missippi Burning, 1989).

Often acting in his own productions, his on-camera persona is best described as a rugged Zack Morris – a rascal with an edge. His filmic tendency is towards the provocative and perfunctory, which means he basically just likes fucking around.



Evan Morgan first knew he wanted to be a director after he saw Alfred Hitchcock hop onto a bus in the film North By Northwest. Shortly after viewing the movie he was attempting to board a bus of his own, but found he did not have enough change.

In addition to his efforts as a writer/director, he also acts, sings, and runs on the treadmill for 40 minutes a day.

His short film A Pretty Funny Story recently won the Canal + Award for Best International Short at Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival, which has provided him with a fantastic opening line when confronting former bullies. Unfortunately it failed to impress the vagrant who beat and mugged him last month in an alley.

His favorite movie is The Truman Show. But his favorite movie of the moment is Two Lovers, with Joaquin Phoenix. This information, offered voluntarily, may have been what originally provoked the attack.




Jared Raab is a hipster Jew who makes weird music videos for indie bands. Or is that just what he wants you to think?

The truth is that Jared is better described as a jack of all trades: a director, editor, photographer, math savant. He is the artistic renegade of Echo Pictures Pictures, always looking for that perfect shot, and often disappearing for days on end in order to get it. He still doesn’t know that we’ve kicked him out of the company.

In addition to his videos for high profile indie bands such as The Born Ruffians, Diamond Rings, Ohbijou and Arkells he has also produced unofficial music videos for Steeley Dan, Fleetwood Mac, and The Catcher in the Rye.

Jared’s favorite movie is ‘Bande à part’ by Jean-Luc Goddard, but if you ask him what it’s about he pretends to be asleep.